Criteria for Accepting Books

Used Book Exchange Program

Customers are encouraged to bring in books in good condition and get credit toward their next book purchases!

We cannot accept all books. They have to be books we think might sell and they have to meet our criteria (see right). Bookstores are usually offered many more books than they could possibly sell in the store.

  • We do not “buy” books for cash, but accept books for store credit only.

  • Accumulated store credit can be used toward the purchase of new or used books only.
    • Credit cannot be used for newspapers, magazines, cards, stationery, prints, art work, apparel, candy, gift cards, special orders, etc. (Note: this list may change in the future)
  • Store credit is not transferable and is specific to an individual or family member, one of whom should be present in the store to use their credit. A photo ID may be requested.
  • The credit does not expire.
  • Credit amount for accepted books:
    • Paperbacks: 20% of purchase price, up to $1.50 per book.
    • Hardbacks (newly released, before they have gone to paperback) & audiobooks on CD (not cassette): 20% of purchase price, up to $2.00 per book.
  • Store credit cannot be used to pay for more than 50% of book purchases in any one day.
  • You can exchange books purchased at our store or elsewhere if they meet the criteria.
  • Due to staffing requirements we ask you to bring in a maximum of 6 books at a time and that you do not leave for the day until we determine which books we can accept. Due to limited space we cannot store books and books left here at the close of business will become property of Battle Creek Books, LLC and may be discarded.
  • At this time, Battle Creek Books does not do appraisals of antiquarian or extremely rare books.

(Note: all policies subject to change)


  • Books released in past 3 months

  • Books on staff favorites list
  • Books on NY Times Bestsellers list
  • Children's Books with Caldecott or Newberry awards or honors
  • Dr. Seuss books
  • Goodnight Moon, and Sing-a-Song-of-Popcorn editions
  • Gently used books
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • We will consider current textbooks


  • We are overstocked on that particular title

  • Title/author/type is not something that sells for us
  • Moldy or musty books or those with off odors (e.g. smoke) or bugs; often these are books stored in basements or garages
  • Stained or water damaged
  • Damaged spines
  • Missing, torn or loose pages
  • Hardback books with missing or badly damaged dust jacket
  • Books with writing, underlining, or highlighting (a name or inscription on the inside cover is usually acceptable)

Specifically we do not accept:

  • Magazines

  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Ex-Library books, Laminated books
  • Book Club editions
  • Advanced Reading Copies or Uncorrected Proofs
  • Bibles (not able to give them the care they deserve)
  • Encyclopedias, Almanacs
  • Out-dated: Manuals, Financial, Technical or time-sensitive books
  • Travel books
  • Category Romances (Harlequins, Silhouettes, etc)
  • Books from our free or dollar discount baskets

(Note: all policies subject to change)